If you have need of someone who can develop business applications, analyse data in relational databases, clean and import data,  provide reports from data or anything else that might be in anyway similar to some of the applications shown on the project page – then drop me an email with just enough detail to work out whether I might be able to help.

I can be contacted at


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  1. Hello

    I heard from Steve Hill that is interesting.

    I am looking for websites like yours to be added our ‘interesting websites’ section on our super popular LinkedIn article.

    I know, the “super popular” phrase is totally overused these days… But I think our 2.4 million readers on LinkedIn justifies use of that phrase 😉

    This, of course, does not cost you anything as we just want to keep our millions of business readers entertained with interesting webpages.

    You can see the LinkedIn article in question by clicking the following link and selecting an icon with text “Make 3x more sales leads from your website? Easy…”:

    If I am allowed to add a link to our LinkedIn article towards your web site, please email me or give me a call!

    Thanking you in advance,

    Andrew Jones
    Marketing Intern

    Telephone: 020 3129 2415

    PS. Internetconnection or my browser is acting up a bit, so I apologize if you received this message more than one time 😮

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