Microsoft Training in India – Sept to Nov 2004

Taking MCSD training with Koenig Solutions in Shimla which is situated on a ridge in the foothills of the Himalayas.

A very memorable trip meeting up with other students from the UK and US.

Cheap drinks, cheap food, amazing sights. Most nights spent out on the town with even the best restaurants affordable to someone on the dole- as I was at the time.

Tedious course material from Microsoft and the Indian accents of the tutors could be hard to follow at times.

Met at the airport, personal taxi to hotel. Travel to Shimla via overnight sleeper followed by world heritage mountain railway to a decent hotel with monkeys often racing around.

Everything arranged by Koenig – even a trip of a few days into the real Himalayas. I was pleased to see some of the roads we ventured out to, on the TV series, Ice Road Truckers – Deadliest Roads.


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