Most of my work in recent times has been back room work putting together automated routines to check data quality or pulling information into reports that must remain confidential.

In the past I have mostly carried out administrative work where the ability to write code and put databases together has been very useful.

The application of choice for most of the projects I have worked on has been Microsoft Access. This is the development part of the MS Office Suite of applications which has it’s own built in database but can easily hook up to any relational database(s).

I have also worked in a small team on a complex unix/mysql system with 36 feeds of data some of which were complete databases in themselves.

Nokia Service Centre Reporting

A system for reporting on the performance of the Service Centre inrepairing units used in Nokia Base Stations.

Service Centre Reporting



Nokia Service Centre PO and Invoicing System

A system extending the Service Centre performance reporting system to include the taking of purchase orders and the production of invoice data.

Main Form

Service Centre PO sAnd Invoicing


Service Centre POs And Invoicing1

PO’s Detail

Service Centre POs And Invoicing2



Haukipudas Service Centre System

A system extending the previous Service Centre systems for use in Haukipudas Finland. This was then further extended yet again to include a front end for inputting the repair data. It included a rapid entry system using a bar code reader.
HP Service Centre Tool



Absence Reporting

A System for reporting of Holiday, Sickness, Training etc. This was extended to link the data to the Oracle Clock Card System for reporting back to the payroll department. Originally used by a few areas of the factory it was well received and then adopted by the whole factory.

Main Form

Holiday Db

Planning Form

Planning Form



Administration Database

My main job at Nokia was looking after the basics for several hundred production staff. The basics were making sure they had anti-static coats, anti-static footwear, ID badges, car park stickers and personal lockers. This also meant keeping track of where everyone was located and which shift they worked on.

Main Form

Staff Admin Db

Department Tree View

Dept Tree View



Payrise Modelling

A database system for looking at the costs of alternative scenarios for distributing a given pot of money to ‘direct’ employees based on appraisal scores.

Payrise Scenarios

(looking back now there was a poor choice of background 🙁 )



Complete Company Admin System – for Laundry

A database system for all day to day tasks.



Staff Training

Staff Training


Other Applications

  • ESD Compliance
  • Test Maintenance Inventory
  • Quality Reporting
  • Extraction of Inventory data for finance journal
  • Materials Reporting System (avoid potential shortages, materials orders, scrap etc.).
  • Documentation Distribution
  • Rework/repair of quotation database for joinery company  to include time sheet details
  • Room Booking
  • Diagnostics Database
  • Employee Feedback (received award for this one)
  • Health Check Booking
  • Automated reporting for specific disease areas based on anonymised data feeds

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