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YouTube – First Video

Last year I indulged in buying an action cam. I’m not into spending large amounts of money on gadgets until I know that I will make full use of them, so the GoPro range was out. I wanted to use it mainly for taking videos when out on the mountain bike on some of the single track routes that are common around where I live.

After scanning the internet for reviews, I came across the website of Techmoan. This guy is clearly a lover of gadgets and provides full, honest and down to earth reviews of a number of gadgets and most especially of action cameras. One mini action cam that he rated highly was the Mobius. I’d have to admit that I look forward to his reviews even when they are not something that I would normally take an interest in.

Last year I attached the Mobius to my cycle helmet but the results seemed to highlight the fact that I often don’t travel all that fast. So this year I’ve obtained a chest harness and the results are more pleasing with a greater feel of being part of the action with the handlebars in view all the time, and the action closer to the ground.

Having got some footage that I was reasonably pleased with, apart from what seems like inevitable shakiness given the terrain and the lack of rear suspension on the mountain bike, I tried out some video editing programs (Windows Movie Maker, VSDC Video Editor) and a program that can add speed, altitude and other data to the video – DashWare (all free programs).

The initial result was uploaded to YouTube and was slightly disappointing in that quite a bit of the quality has been lost due to the additional compression the file receives by YouTube. I’m starting to understand why YouTube has to carry this out and why Mountain Bike action on single track through woodland is especially vulnerable.

I’ll be taking a closer look at compression artifacts and video software and trying to find the optimal solution over the next few months.

In the meantime the first video is below …